jasper brinton


As a furniture designer, woodworker and student of form I have always been interested in works that emanate lasting or timeless qualities. I trust the ancient crafts and their truth-to-material principles that allowed so many beautiful objects to survive the ages. Though not opposed to the stylish or the ephemeral, I prefer up-to-date designs based on function and ease-of-use, those qualities that help a home feel serene and mindful.

From the point of view of comfort, our physiological bicameral bodies place restrictions on certain designs such as chairs and tables. However we naturally seek a personal and intuitive relationship with our surroundings. To that end I have striven to design furniture which is not only modern and comfortable but also distinctive and expressive.

Shapes and forms found in Nature have been my principle inspiration. I have never understood why from a humanist perspective the individual is asked to cope with geometrically derived formulas, plans or patterns. The things we use everyday are in one sense extensions of our body and in that light become emanations, stimulants for our emotions. I have always searched for a relational harmony, one to enjoy between .

Aesthetically I lean towards classic profiles and strong shapes that feel intuitive reposed and inevitable. I believe a work should contain intrinsic qualities that balance dynamic tensions and spring energetically—expressively to life.